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The Erotic Scent of a Woman

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Vagina in a Bottle

The founders of vivaeros Special Products have developed a unique product that intensifies all of your erotic thoughts. Research concluded that stimulants such as erotic films, magazines, sex toys, silicone vaginas, webcam sex or telephone sex were already helping many catering to the senses of sight, sound and often touch. However, it was established that a product needed to be created to enhance an individual's own sense of smell and pleasure.

The smell of vagina triggers sexual attraction and desire in a very natural way. After years of cost-intensive research by a pan-European team of scientists, attempts have been successful at capturing and conserving the arousing, slightly milky aroma in an exclusive glass vial.

VULVA Original is the natural vaginal scent which is produced by movement and sweating. You may liken the scent to something like the smell of vagina a few hours after a shower. With the comfortable metal roll-on applicator, the precious female substance is applied to the back of the hand and just a tiny amount of VULVA Original is all that is needed to appreciate the true aroma of this irresistible female essence. The true smell of vagina then stimulates and fires your mind's eye.

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VULVA Original Seen in Playboy

PLAYBOY magazine in four countries have recently responded to the overwhelming popularity of VULVA Original with glowing reviews in the Spanish, Polish, Brasilian and German Playboy magazine features. VULVA Original is also excited that Playboy Africa has announced to also publish an article! Other countries are soon to follow as the vial of feminine intimate scent travels around.

Playboy Brazil Playboy Germany Playboy Poland Playboy Spain

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